Frustrated by the one-size-fits-all beauty industry, the founders sought a partner to create a new brand that could build a movement and redefine skincare.

Brand Strategy / Naming / Identity / Brand Design / Packaging / Retail Design


The beauty industry is built on broken promises. The days of hope in a bottle luxury skincare products are numbered. We flipped that model on its head and developed the Revea brand from scratch to breakthrough, create space, and steal share.

The Change

The new brand, Revea, challenges industry deceits by introducing precision skincare that is true to your unique biology with state-of-the-art medical technology and science. This insurgent brand's creative idea is called Masterpiece, which is infused into everything: the meaningful brand strategy, evocative name, beautiful visual identity, and dynamic packaging. Each interaction with the brand invites people to join the journey and experience the future of skincare.


The story is just beginning for this industry disruptor. Launched in Spring 2021 with a physical pop-up concept and evolving over the next several months.

Revea skincare logo
Green Revea skincare makeup kit

“ChangeUp can be summarized with three words: creativity, experience and magic. Despite the obstacles we threw their way, the team helped design a groundbreaking brand experience that consumers love.”

Chaz Giles
Founder & CEO, Revea
Laptop and Phone with Revea Skincare website
Revea Skincare private rooms in office