Driving Dealer Performance

A major luxury auto brand needed to make their dealers’ local digital advertising dollars work smarter to drive low-funnel opportunities in an increasingly saturated media landscape.

Insights / Strategy


For years, the automotive industry has been a hotbed of disruption. When it comes to reaching the consumer, dealerships are often misguided on where to spend their ad dollars – pushed to spreading their digital budgets across multiple platforms with limited transparency into allocation and performance.

The Change

A digital marketing solution that leverages an industry-leading technology platform to deliver powerfully relevant and targeted messages to shoppers in their moments of intent. When paired with best-in-class transparent consulting, Dealerships are digitally responsive in a way that meets the unique needs of each location to drive efficient and effective results.


Our approach consistently delivered the right ads to the right customers at the right time by prioritizing Dealer ad dollars to the platforms that matter while increasing geo-targets with efficiency, increasing conversion by 60% and improving incremental sales.

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“Being proactive weekly instead of reactive monthly has helped us to increase site traffic, engagement and sales.”

IPhone and IPad with car website
Chart showing 31% sales increase year over year