Sixpoint Brewery

Kia was looking to redesign their dealerships for the future and bring their brand to life to connect with shoppers in new ways.



With a cult-like following and strong Brooklyn roots, Sixpoint Brewery set out to open their first taproom to boldly represent their brand and philosophy. The team was looking to provide customers with a unique and memorable craft-beer experience and a space they would want to keep coming back to.

The Change

To create a vibrant environment reflective of the brand, we incorporated bold murals based on brand assets, and made Sixpoint’s motto — Beer is Culture — the focal point of the bar. Nods to their Brooklyn roots can also be found throughout the taproom, from the photography and art to the music being played. And with a goal to create an open-air feeling in an indoor space, we added large windows, multiple entry points, bright colors and textures, and touches of greenery around the bar. We also designed a retail store on-site, for customers looking to purchase beers to-go, limited edition brews, and merchandise.


Sixpoint Brewery opened their doors in the Fall of 2022 at City Point in Brooklyn. Designed with flexibility in mind, the taproom has already become a popular community gathering space and event site for both locals and tourists looking to socialize over a craft brew. The location will serve as the main Sixpoint taproom for what Artisanal Brewing Ventures plans is part of a larger expansion with its other subsidiary brands including Bold Rock and Victory Brewing Company.

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