The Vitamin Shoppe

With the entrance of new e-commerce players, The Vitamin Shoppe needed to remind the world who owns the health & nutrition space.

Strategy / Identity / Brand Design / Retail Experience


With a high SKU count, ever-increasing interest in the category, and a growing number of competitors, TVS needed to make dramatic changes internally and externally to maintain their leadership position.

The Change

A refreshed brand strategy, visual identity system, and retail experience now showcases TVS’s category expertise. Shoppers build more confidence in achieving personalized wellness goals with the new retail experience, which offers encouraging and inspiring solutions via modern apothecary aesthetics and leading-edge technology.


In the week following the first re-envisioned store’s grand opening, TVS saw 163 unique media placements and 93MM+ impressions. The Vitamin Shoppe plans to roll-out the new experience design to 11 additional locations before the end of 2020.

Vitamin Shoppe imprint on grass wall
Vitamin Shoppe interior store design
Vitamin Shoppe branded bags
The Vitamin Shoppe CBD Central display
Vitamin Shoppe Healthy Awards interactive display
Vitamin Shoppe brand promise promotional materials
Vitamin Shoppe Healthy Awards promotional materials
Vitamin Shoppe logo on glass
Vitamin Shoppe front checkout desk