Goodyear Blimp

Goodyear desired a new look for its nex-gen blimp that matched its tradition of innovation without straying from its legendary brand.

Brand Design / Retail Experience


Goodyear has been using blimps for advertising since 1925 and may be the most loved airship in history. Therefore, when it announced that it would replace its fleet of blimps, the design had to be iconic.

The Change

A new design with a sense of continuous forward motion and the sweeping field of blue (linking the design to its predecessors) flowing form signals forward-looking innovation. VIP passengers experience the brand inside the gondola with unique elements that celebrate the Goodyear brand, including embroidered Wingfoot on the Goodyear blue leather seats and custom yellow striping down the aisle that mimics the double yellow lines down the center of a road.


The completion of the new blimp marks the beginning of a new era for Goodyear’s airship program. As the most visible marketing expression of their brand, this airship continues to make appearances at sporting events and offer an unparalleled passenger experience.

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Goodyear blimp sitting in a hangar
New Goodyear Blimp inside a hangar

The new, more modern expression of the brand maintains the classic equity that has been built over the decades, but signals a fresh future.

Goodyear Blimp cockpit
Interior of new Goodyear Blimp
Goodyear Blimp flying above football stadium
Goodyear Blimp lifting off