To keep up with its “freaky fast” reputation, Jimmy John’s needed to grow up without feeling old.

identity / brand design


Part of what makes Jimmy John’s so special is its fast-paced, high energy, no B.S., get-it-done now, big city attitude right in your own hometown. Feeling the need to evolve its “freaky fast” reputation, it sought to focus on what’s always been baked into the brand – quality.

The Change

Evolving the brand started with identifying the heart of the identity – the JJ initials, the medallion, and iconic super seal – to perfect, simplify, and codify the existing 40+ versions into one. Bold typography paired with its unapologetic brand colors is all the swag it needs to be considered the best. This dynamic system focuses on fresh and includes patterns, icons, food and lifestyle photography, packaging, uniforms and more.


The new system is rolling out and instantly sparking curiosity. The new branding, colors, icons, and crave-able photography are equally as kick-ass as the food itself.

“This work was all about unlocking what was special and iconic about the brand…AND now we look as good as we taste!”