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Discount Tire was looking to build an entirely new concept that elevated the customer experience and set a new standard for service.



As the #1 tire service provider in the world, Discount Tire wanted to revolutionize the industry once again, this time with a new prototype that reinvented the guest journey. Discount Tire partnered with ChangeUp to design its first “Pit Pass” location, and its accompanying visual identity, as part of an even larger initiative to transform how they served their customers.

The Change

To reflect evolving needs and behaviors, Pit Pass was built with a strong focus on service, taking a digital-first approach to streamline the sales process. A key question was whether or not a showroom was actually needed to sell tires, and the answer was a resounding no. In this new concept, customers can select and purchase their tires as well as schedule their appointments from the comfort of their home or vehicle. Guests save valuable time scheduling appointments through the canopy and can easily track their service experience in the bays. Technology also provides Discount Tire associates with customer vehicle information and tire stats to aid in the purchase process. The entire journey has been digitally enhanced to improve both the guest and associates’ experience.


Discount Tire opened the first Pit Pass location in the Fall of 2022 to an overwhelmingly positive response. Flipping the traditional model right on its head has already proved to be a risk that was worth taking.

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“ChangeUp’s partnership and expertise proved to be invaluable to us. They’re incredibly strategic and understand what it takes to be forward-thinking and bold.”


Chief Experience Officer | Discount Tire

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