Nissan recognized the need to transform their dated existing dealership design into an experience that could meet evolving customers’ needs around the world.

Retail Experience / Architecture / Construction Docs / Adaptation / Program Roll-out


To stay relevant and maintain a globally consistent brand, Nissan needed a consumer experience designed to embrace the digital revolution. Overseeing Nissan’s brand strategy, we created a new facility design that is flexible and modular for the future.

The Change

Our solution: a “kit of parts” platform to reliably deliver the Nissan brand, flexibly roll-out across all regions, and activate new tech as it becomes available. With a global brand strategy, the facility provides a consistent customer-centric experience no matter the country. Characterized by transparency and openness, consumers can feel comfortable and intuitively navigate the dealership with an array of digital resources, large glassed-view service area, and a customer lounge set up as part of the showroom.


The award-winning global, customer-centric dealership prototype is +30% in sales.

Front exterior of Nissan dealership
Nissan emblem on front of red car
Car runway in Nissan dealership with seating area
Nissan headquarters interior seating area
Nissan enclosed consultation areas
Multiple cars parked in front of Nissan dealership