Acura was looking to modernize its dealership design, while getting back to its roots in performance luxury.



Acura wanted to build a new dealership concept with a fresh and elevated look that showcased its precision and craft. To keep pace with customers’ evolving needs, the Next Generation concept also needed to transform the car buying experience from being transactional to feeling welcoming and special.

The Change

To create a new vision for Acura that still stayed true to their DNA, we designed a dealership that highlighted both performance and luxury. With floor to ceiling windows, clean lines, and a more open floor plan, the new site provides additional opportunities for the cars to shine and invites shoppers to explore. To complete the buyer’s journey, the new vehicle delivery room was built for customers to take photos and celebrate their purchase.

To carry a similar warmth and transparency to the exterior, we installed a light canopy that wraps the entire width of the facility. Now, day or night, the building is lit up, making its presence feel even bigger despite a smaller footprint. We also took a new approach to the Acura signage, viewing it as an architectural statement piece.


The striking building is already capturing the attention of shoppers. And with the dealership now open and receiving positive results, Acura is rolling out the new design nationwide.

Acura Case Study
Acura red car
Acura Black Car
Acura Dealership Interior

“Everyone at the dealership, our customers, and even our neighboring competitors are blown away by this concept. The team at ChangeUp nailed it!”

Jon Ikeda
Brand Officer | Acura
Acura Dealership Interior Design
Acura Interior Car Display
Acura Interior Cars