Kia was looking to redesign their dealerships for the future and bring their brand to life to connect with shoppers in new ways.



After unveiling their new global identity, Kia set out to build a dealership that reflected their new premium, modern look. This Next Generation concept needed to better connect with customers through human-centric elements, and an elevated design that brings movement to life in an adaptable space that embraced the EV revolution.

The Change

Kia's bold new visual identity now shines throughout the dealership, with a sleek showroom that allows the spotlight to remain on the cars. The space was also designed to be flexible, so that Kia can expound on EV in the future. EVs are now showcased in the feature car area, giving them a more prominent place within the dealership.

The back of the dealership, where the actual sales process takes place, has softer, warmer edges to highlight that element of human connection. And rather than dividing the showroom and customer area, the open space is united by an angular red stripe—a nod to Kia’s heritage.

The striking exterior, with clean lines and floor to ceiling windows, allows the interior lighting and warm colors to illuminate through. These natural elements not only let the cars shine, but capture the brand’s open and inviting essence.


Kia has opened the dealership with plans to roll out the new design nationwide. Already proving to be a success, this next generation concept is now the new standard for the business.

Kia Showroom
Kia Red Car
Kia Exterior Sign

“ChangeUp’s knowledge and expertise are unmatched. Their innovative solutions ensure every aspect of the design aligns perfectly with the brand and customer experience.”

Cathy McCann
National Manager of Retail, Kia
Kia Brand Wall
Kia Showroom Floor
Kia Next Generation Lounge
Kia Exterior Night Shot