Panera Bread’s New Boston Office

With ongoing changes to the workplace, Panera knew it was time to build new office headquarters that provided more flexibility, transparency, and creativity.

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After partnering with Panera on their next generation restaurant, the fast-casual leader was looking to design their new Boston headquarters that better reflected their brand and new workforce behaviors. Taking hybrid workflow largely into account, we set out to build an uplifting and adaptable work environment that allows employees to better connect with one another and the Panera brand.

The Change

Starting at the entry, employees and guests are immediately immersed in the Panera brand. The Brand Immersion Hall provides a striking welcome highlighting important moments in Panera’s history along with a custom light fixture that lights the path of the individual and symbolizing the bright future ahead. As a brand that stands for warmth and connection, it was important for the office to embody those same principles. Creating thoughtful moments for collaboration, and integrating state-of-the-art technology, give employees the space and tools they need to evolve as an organization. Whether employees are gathering for lunch and catch a glimpse of what customers are saying on the large social media wall, or they are working at their desk and glance up to see what’s cooking in the Chef’s Kitchen, they always have a pulse on the brand and their customers.


Panera opened the doors to its new headquarters in the summer of 2022. Located in a historic building in Boston, the fresh and inviting space has proven to give employees a reason to come into the office again.

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