Interbrand Founder Starts Consulting Business

December 19, 2015
Lee Carpenter close-up headshot

By Olivia Barrow
Senior Reporter, Dayton Business Journal
Nov 14, 2014

A nationally respected retail branding expert has launched a new consulting business after retiring from the company he founded.

Lee Carpenter, a Dayton resident and founder of Interbrand Design Forum, has created ChangeUp, a retail consulting agency. “We believe customer experience is the fuel of the new economy,” Carpenter said. Carpenter has teamed up with Bill Chidley and Lynn Gonsior, and two staff to help businesses understand the now, identify the next and innovate the future.

Carpenter has made a name for himself and for Dayton in the retail branding industry with Interbrand. This new business will allow him to stay engaged in retail branding, without the same pressures as leading the major firm that Interbrand has grown to.

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