Anything Can Happen in a Year

January 22, 2020

Anything Can Happen in a Year Hero Image

Goodbye. Hello. 

Saying goodbye to 2019 is especially meaningful for us. It caps off the successful acquisition of Interbrand Retail with ChangeUp, teaming-up the best talent in the industry. We are proud to tell you – we are totally unified in mission and united in spirit.  

Saying hello to 2020 marks the beginning of a decade that will demand change from all of us. A new generation is here, equipped with amazing technologies and unique expectations that will forever impact the business landscape. We all have the exciting opportunity to direct the change, not just react to it.  

We are ready! As leaders of the company it is our job to provide a clear vision, always push for innovation, welcome different perspectives, and build a culture where everyone is empowered to be responsible to deliver on our goals.  

We encourage you to take a few moments to look back and celebrate your wins from the last decade and remember lessons learned from your losses. Now let’s turn and face the new decade with renewed optimism, confidence, and courage.