The Edit: EuroShop 2020

February 25, 2020

EuroShop 2020 Hero Image

We are hot off the plane from EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany with a layover in Paris full of store visits. Here’s our edit…along with insights driving the trends and a look into our crystal ball (if we had one) of our predictions for the next 3-5 years.

Trend #1: Electrified everything

Significant technology advancements have allowed for electrification of more surfaces, fixtures & interactive moments. LED has come a long way and allows for lighting to be incorporated in smaller, sleeker applications. As we wound our way through the maze that is EuroShop, we saw screens in every direction being used in previously unachievable ways. They were integrated on vertical and horizontal surfaces and being used as information hubs, video streaming, wall-coverings, textures & patterns. Screens were on a basic level to draw consumers in, but also as art, motion, and pattern.

Insight Driving the Trend: Consumers’ need for information delivered on their terms and their constant need to be stimulated and “wow-ed.”

Our Crystal Ball: This needs balance, but isn’t going anywhere. In the future, it will be more omnichannel, AI intuitive, and more subtle (not so in-your-face).

Image 1: Interactive LED wall by ABS Group. Image 2: Shelving with integrated LED by Ligeo.

Trend #2: Pallet of Colors, Materials, and Textures

Nature is the ultimate inspiration. Materials, colors, and textures are vibrant and all pulled from nature. Bright, tone-on-tone, and a range of hues tie together to reflect the balance found only in nature. Days of the one-note color identity are gone–it’s all about creating depth through varied hues.

Insight Driving the Trend: Consumers’ need for relief from technology and artificial materials, colors, and textures.

Our Crystal Ball: People will eventually want less overt, in-your-face technology and more natural atmospheres.

Image 1: Tone-on-tone mannequins reflect diversity and flexibility. Image 2: Porcelainosa fitwall utilizes natural textures.

Trend #3: Personalization and Exploration

Consumers want physical exploration within a space and personalization within product. It’s all about experience. They want to feel part of the process and to be surprised.

Insight Driving the Trend: Everyone wants to feel like they have some ownership of their consumer experience.

Our Crystal Ball: Personalization will become a status quo. Giving control to consumers will always be around. This trend will be the fastest growing of the ones we’ve outlined.

Image 1: Perfume “keys” at Louis Vuitton showroom encourage exploration in an innovative way. Image 2: Visplay leverages the ability to customize fixtures from color to materiality to create systems unique to a brand.

Trend #4: Layering

This trend pulls everything together. Whether it’s digital with physical, or literally layering actual materials together to create optical illusions or distorted reality. Creating a customer journey through layering deepens the experiential nature of retail today.

Insight Driving the Trend: Desire for experiences and moments of discovery.

Our Crystal Ball: Designers will always be challenged to layer trends, but the push will be to become more nimble, affordable, and creative.

Image 1: Beauty retailer Guerlain layers mirror, art, light, and pattern. Image 2: Renault pop-up showroom layers digital, interactive, and trendy, iridescent colors.