2019 Retail Design Trends: It’s Cool to Be Bold

October 22, 2019

Interior of Recess Store with mirrors

Over the past ten years, the world of retail has been full of copycat experiences. When one major retailer installed a digital display, coffee bar, or green wall the next major competitor did the same thing. Retail became monotonous and disconnected from the shopper. Retailers mindsets have been so focused on ‘keeping up’ that the brands themselves lost their “why” or their reason to believe. Shoppers definitely felt the shift and brand loyalty dwindled.

In line with what’s happening in society as a whole, both people and brands are crashing through social norms and transforming classic ways of thinking to be more progressive, diverse, and accepting. Retail has now moved into a new realm of creating experiences that are truly unique and defining for their brands.

It’s cool to be bold. It’s badass to be unapologetically real, wild, and wickedly different.

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