How Brands Find Direction in Taking Risks

March 23, 2023

Take The Risk

In VMSD, our Executive Director of Strategy & Insights, Bill Chidley, shares how taking risks in a Zero Horizon World can help brands break barriers and find direction.

There is only one certainty for what the future holds—things will happen that nobody saw coming. Though that may seem obvious in a post-Covid world, what matters is what brands do now with that unpredictability. The crucial insight here is that every obstacle presents businesses with an opportunity.

In order to come to terms with the unprecedented rate at which the world around us is changing, and how it impacts businesses and consumers, the team at ChangeUp has defined this new reality as the Zero Horizon World.

The Zero Horizon World acknowledges that change is happening faster than we can keep up—what is considered new can become old in the blink of an eye, and most notably, consumers and the brands they love can drift apart in these uncharted waters.

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