Five Questions With: Susan Rogers

June 29, 2022
Susan Rogers wide headshot

At ChangeUp, we’re inspired daily by the people we work with. This led us to launch “Five Questions With” – a monthly series that spotlights a different employee, asking them five questions that we hope sparks some inspiration in you too. Next up, get to know our Executive Director of Client Services, Susan Rogers.

What are you currently reading or listening to? 

I’m currently reading Anna – the biography of Anna Wintour by Amy Odell. It really gives an authentic inside look at all the facets of her life and career. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, it’s a fascinating read.

You were recently promoted to Executive Director of Client Services (congrats!). What do you enjoy most about being on the client services side of the business? 

I love regularly tackling new and exciting projects! The best part of my role at ChangeUp is getting to connect teams and talent and work with amazing brands. There is an incredible sense of fulfillment in driving meaningful change and helping our clients find success. It’s very rewarding to see our work come to life and see it impact the world around us. 

You’ve been with ChangeUp for over 6 years. What is the biggest shift in thinking you’ve seen clients make since 2016?

Certainly, the pandemic played a huge factor in shifting client thinking. Urging clients to think differently about their business and how they win consumers long-term was fundamental. And the rise of social media and digital technology has undoubtedly transformed the way retail comes to life. That has been one of the most exciting advances, as it forces brands to be more creative and innovative than ever before.

What are you most passionate about outside of work? 

My family, and especially my two beautiful boys, mean everything to me. I’m also passionate about wine, travel, and music. Any opportunity to put all three of those things together is even better!

Are there any projects you’ve worked on that stand out most to you?

Whichever project I’m working on is always my favorite project. The work we do just keeps getting better, it’s impossible to choose! With that said, the new Baskin-Robbins branding and visual identity work is a great example of transforming an iconic brand and making it relevant (and fun!) for today’s consumer.  

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