Five Questions With: Mike Munchoff

April 29, 2022

Mike Munchoff headshot smiling

At ChangeUp, we’re inspired daily by the people we work with. This led us to launch “Five Questions With” – a monthly series that spotlights a different employee, asking them five questions that we hope sparks some inspiration in you too. Next up, get to know our new Creative Director, Mike Munchoff.

What are you currently reading or listening to?

I’m currently rereading The Elegant Universe by Brian Green. I find the universe and theoretical physics absolutely fascinating, though most of it I don’t fully understand… hence the second read through! I enjoy listening to a lot of prog rock bands like Tool and Porcupine Tree. I love music that features long, slowly evolving, instrumental songs that take you on a journey. I get lost in that kind of music and it helps fuel my creativity.

You’ve spent over a decade of your career working on the agency-side? What do you enjoy most about working at an agency and what made you want to join ChangeUp specifically?

In my opinion, the fast pace and the variety of work you get on the agency side can’t be beat. It’s incredibly demanding and challenging, which pushes you to be at your very best. I’ve always thought that if you feel comfortable where you’re at, then you’re not at the right place. That’s why I came to ChangeUp. I truly believe that we are doing the best work in the market right now and I can’t think of a better place to push and challenge myself and my amazing team.

What do you believe is the biggest design challenge for brands to overcome right now?

I believe brands are struggling to stay true to themselves and what makes them unique. It’s easy to lose sight of that, chasing the latest trends and technologies, especially as consumer expectations are rapidly evolving. Finding what makes your brand special and staying true to that, while still evolving to meet an ever-changing market, is a real challenge. 

What are you most passionate about outside work? 

I’ve really been trying to get more into hiking and camping. There are so many beautiful places to explore in this country and abroad, and it’s a shame I’ve seen so few of them. 

What are you most looking forward to working on at ChangeUp?

I’m most looking forward to the unexpected. That’s part of what I love about working on the agency side. I have no idea what challenges and opportunities are ahead, but am excited by the innovative team I get to work alongside at ChangeUp every day.