JPMorgan Chase – Next-Gen Bank Architecture & Design

February 9, 2021
Chase Bank office lobby concept image

Our partnership with JPMorgan Chase has spanned many years and regions of the country to deliver architecture and engineering work. For our latest project in the heart of Buckhead, Georgia, our roll-out team envisioned a next-gen retail banking center.

We created a banking experience at the base of a residential tower totaling 5,400 square feet of first-generation space, which will be a glass “box” with dramatic lighting and high profile finishes. Leveraging two previous prototype concepts, we created a hybrid model for Chase to leverage in other markets.

We used integrated architecture and engineering expertise paired with our familiarity with JPMorgan Chase standards to ensure a flagship experience while finding efficiencies to build out.

Stay tuned to learn more about the project opening in February 2021.


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