Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors

Having already established an impressive following of loyal customers online, Karl’s was looking to design a retail store as innovative as the brand itself.

Retail Experience / Adaptation


With a successful D2C business, Karl’s knew it was time to create a more holistic retail experience. For its first-ever physical store, Karl’s needed to build a space that would allow shoppers to engage with the brand in fresh, memorable ways, while also inspiring new customers to learn more about fishing.

The Change

We partnered with Karl’s to create an immersive and unique retail experience that allows shoppers to embrace their passion for the outdoors. The store features digital experiences, which include demonstrations of how products are used to catch fish. Interactive displays let shoppers actually touch and feel baits and see how they act underwater.


Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors’ first store opened in the summer of 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas, with sales already double what was expected. With the success of its first brick-and-mortar, Karl’s plans to roll out additional sites soon, with its second location opening at the Mall of America later this year.

Karl's Fishing & Outdoors signage
Karl's Fishing & Outdoors store design
Karl's Fishing & Outdoors front door design
Karl's Fishing & Outdoors checkout design

“ChangeUp brought our brand to life in ways we never thought possible. They truly changed the shopping experience for our category and the customer.”

Ross Gordon
CEO, Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors
Karl's Fishing & Outdoors interior displays
Karl's mystery tackle box display
Grande Banger fish for sale