Walgreens Raises the Bar on Corner Convenience

DRIVE-RX® is a revolutionary drive-thru only concept from experience agency ChangeUp. It supercharges the throughput of a typical Walgreens location by offering customers a DTO (Drive-Thru Only) experience with some added innovations.

Its two-story design enables multiple lanes and pick up points, reducing transaction times by more than half. What’s more, customers can place mobile orders for not only pharmacy products but other household and convenience items that are typically only available to walk-in customers. Automation, robotics, and order-ahead technology enable next-level efficiency and accuracy not seen before in a retail pharmacy.

Geofencing technology activates the Proprietary-Pick-Pack Operations system aka “3PO” which sets the logistical magic in motion. Upon arrival at the drive-thru, robots, conveyor systems and a few humans retrieve, verify and deliver items directly to the customer’s car—usually in less than five minutes. A bonus to the bottom line is how this direct-to-car shopping model eliminates shrink. Add in a Chick-fil-A-like drive-thru service experience, and Walgreens can redefine customer expectations for the corner pharmacy.

Just Imagine concepts from ChangeUp explore the future of retail experience. Want to dig into the next big idea for your brand?

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